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New Homeowners Can Explore Household Landscaping Ideas

When your new Houston house is literally brand new, you are presented with the kind of ‘empty canvas’ landscaping scenario that true gardening enthusiasts dream about. (If you fall into that group, your head is probably already filled with possibilities—so never mind). On the other hand, if your new Houston residence is an existing home dotted with mature plantings, unless it’s already a neighborhood marvel that Home and Garden should feature on the next cover, green thumb enthusiasts will have continuing enjoyment adding and replacing shrubs and trees to realize a design they develop over time.

The situation is more challenging when you are a novice. For sure, a good start will be to consult one or more Houston landscaping pros for their ideas and estimates. You’ll also find the personnel at our local nurseries are a godsend. Especially if you ultimately wind up deciding to take on major parts of the project yourself, they’ll be a valuable source of knowledge and advice about what works in Houston (and what doesn’t).

But—before anything else—for starters, every new homeowner is presented with a singular opportunity to entertain outside-the-box ideas about what “landscaping” might include. When most people think “backyard,” they picture a patio, trees, perhaps a swimming pool…but not necessarily other features. But when a new owner enters the scene, the first order of business is deciding on extra features that could make the most of the acreage. In addition to being pretty as a picture, even small areas might function as activity centers that draw everybody outdoors. Just a few of the possibilities—

  • A flower cutting garden
  • A shady hammock-ready nook
  • An orchard
  • A fish pond
  • A barbecue area or fire-pit
  • A deck or patio
  • A fountain
  • A trellis arch
  • A bocce court or putting green
  • A vegetable or herb garden
  • A specimen tree or two
  • A playset area (with or without sandbox)
  • A treehouse

Landscaping transformations will never be easier than when new Houston homeowners enter the picture. I hope you’ll give Rinnovare Realty, LLC  a call (832) 445-4957 when it’s time to become one of them.


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