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Rinnovare Realty

Our Goal is to Exceed your Expectations.

In today's real estate market, there's absolutely no substitute for professional representation. Here at Rinnovare Realty we are committed to providing our clients with expert knowledge, professionalism and personal integrity necessary to complete one of the most significant financial decisions you are likely to ever make. Buying a home in the Houston area can be difficult without the right help. Whether you are selling your home, "buying a new home in the Houston area, Rinnovare Realty can help you.

Rinnovare Realty is located in Upper Kirby area. Some of the suburbs in the surrounding area we serve are: River Oaks, Houston Medical Center, Buffalo Bayou, Montrose, Upper Kirby, West University (also known as West U), Mid-Town, & Sugarland. A growing area in the North part of Houston Texas is Cypress Springs & Katy Texas.

Please use this website as a valuable resource to guide you through all your real estate needs, our communities, local news, and relevant social content. I welcome you to contact us: 832.445.4957 if you have any questions or need our expertise in selling your home, buying your dream home or looking for great investment property. I appreciate your trust in Rinnovare Realty and look forward to serving you.

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Why Houston Home Equity is Now Called ‘the “Right Tool’
The folks in the northern states (and even down into Kentucky) who have sugar maple trees on their properties have the old-fashioned option of supplementing their incomes by tapping into the sap. Boiling it down takes a lot of energy, but the maple syrup is highly saleable. Many Houston homeowners don’t need to turn to
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A Priceless Comparison for Today’s Houston Listings
“Bargain” is a word that can get your attention¬—particularly right after you’ve just paid off a round of the latest utility bills. But it’s useful to remember that it has become a term that’s been largely hijacked by the ad world. It’s also fairly meaningless unless there is something with which it is being compared.
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Houston Thanksgiving: This Year, a Narrow Escape
One Houston Thanksgiving is the appropriate number of turkey days. Two Thanksgivings would not only result in needless overexposure to your most irritating relative—it would also be a textbook example of inflation economics: twice as many feast days chasing too few turkeys. Pointing this out wouldn’t normally be necessary were it not for what happened
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