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Newly Sold Houston Houses: Tending to Invisible Remnants

When most of us envision the momentous occasion when you hand over the keys to your just-sold Houston house, it’s probably some variation of the traditional mental image: people gathered at the front porch, everybody beaming. Realistically, that Norman Rockwell grouping happens only occasionally—but even when it takes place in a lawyer’s conference room, the occasion is likely to trigger...View More

Enhancing Your Own Houston Home? A New Idea that’s Elderly!

According to Alina Dizik, one of the leading Wall Street Journal’s real estate commentators, a growing number of luxury homeowners are finding new appreciation for an old idea. In fact, the older, the better. Pursuing a way to enhance the feel of modern homes, more and more homeowners are “getting into the groove” of reclaiming ancient materials—especially old wood. Antique timbers ...View More

Houston Landlords Cheered by News of U.S. Rent Acceleration

Houston landlords who have already profited from the national tilt toward rental popularity will have been further cheered by last month’s Zillow report on the growth of rents across the nation. They might be including apartment housing in their data, but in any case, according to the report, rent revenue is accelerating (except in Milwaukee). Landlords had to be pleased everywhere else. ...View More

Houston Homebuying Basics: What Some People Don’t Know

The government thinks that Americans are sorely lacking when it comes to key homebuying information. It’s hard to say whether that’s true of the Houston homebuying population—but Fannie Mae’s latest study explains some good reasons why it might be. In Fannie’s recently issued publication, 3,600 respondents were ‘largely unsure’ or just plain wrong about current homebuying real...View More

Houston Mortgage Rate Watchers Get Scattered Messages

For those who’d been monitoring Houston mortgage rates ahead of last week’s Federal Reserve interest rate cut, the news that followed was less than definitive. The Fed’s decision to lower their overnight lending rate for the first time since the Great Recession commanded first page headlines—but the details that followed provided little clarity. For those whose interest in Houston m...View More

Houston Lender Pre-approvals Make Sellers Comfortable

The idea of gaining a lender’s pre-approval is one of Houston house financing’s “no downside” ideas—it can only help. Can’t hurt. Theoretically, even if you belong in the upper reaches of the upper crust, having a bank pre-approval in your hip pocket couldn’t be a mistake. For instance, suppose you happen to run across one of Houston’s all-time dream homes, for sale at a rea...View More

Houston “For Sale” Signs Really Do Pack a Whallop!

Every now and then we have to shake our heads at how much the electronic transformation has changed daily living in Houston. Electronics have invaded practically everything—from home wifi to ultra hi-def TV to cell phones that double as search engines. As you read this, you’re only a couple of clicks away from being able to summon up all the current Houston homes for sale that fit your ...View More

Your Houston Energy Bills can Improve Your Home’s Value

cooling capacity, its energy consumption will rise (just as it does in the chilliest depths of winter). It isn’t at the top of most homeowners’ summer to-do list, but now is an ideal time to take a hard look at how to reduce your Houston home’s energy consumption. According to the people who study these things, now is actually an ideal time to assess how your home’s energy use can b...View More

7 Step Progression for Buying Houston Homes Under Pressure

Buying Houston homes takes some degree of organization no matter what. Especially when time is a screaming imperative, it can make or break whether you land a home that’s right—or one you ultimately determine isn’t adequate over the long haul. Whether the time pressure is due to a sudden job transfer, family emergency, or the unexpectedly rapid sale of an existing Houston residence (that...View More

Surprising Finding: Younger Persons may Afford Home Ownership

It may just be me, but doesn’t it seem as if the general drift of things is that it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet? And that younger people are getting the brunt of it? If that sounds familiar, it could be one generalization that’s no longer quite so valid when it comes to younger adults—specifically, about their prospects for owning their own Houston homes. If we are ...View More

What’s the Houston First-Time Buyer’s Safety Valve?

It may just be me, but doesn’t it seem as if the general drift of things is that it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet? And that younger people are getting the brunt of it? If that sounds familiar, it could be one generalization that’s no longer quite so valid when it comes to younger adults—specifically, about their prospects for owning their own Houston homes. If we are ...View More

Friday News Flash Makes Real Estate a Front-Page Story

On Friday, Houston’s real estate outlook ended the busy month with a genuine surprise—one that could well augur an extension of Houston real estate’s traditional peak selling season. The news was significant enough to move from financial sections to front pages and bottom-of-the-screen crawls on cable channels. Atop the Mortgage News Daily broke the story: “Mortgage Rates Drop Well ...View More

How Prospects for Buying a Home in Houston Just Grew

If you find yourself suddenly revisiting the idea of buying a home in Houston, it won’t surprise you that you’re not alone. Lately, it’s seemed as if the stars are continuing to align to draw more and more people—first timers as well as those who are already Houston homeowners—to make that decision. Last week ended with yet another inducement to point people in that direction. The imp...View More

Friday News Flash Makes Real Estate a Front-Page Story

On Friday, Houston’s real estate outlook ended the busy month with a genuine surprise—one that could well augur an extension of Houston real estate’s traditional peak selling season. The news was significant enough to move from financial sections to front pages and bottom-of-the-screen crawls on cable channels. Atop the Mortgage News Daily broke the story: “Mortgage Rates Drop Well ...View More

What 10 Things Should Houston Open House Hosts Know?

It was the Washington Post’s real estate reporter Michele Lerner who came up with the list of the most important “10 things” house hunters look for when they stop by Houston open houses. The ‘ten things’ list is a useful one—and every bit as relevant for homeowners selling their own Houston homes. It’s valuable to be aware of which features are bound to get the closest scrutiny in...View More

Put Your Houston Utility Bills on a Summertime Diet

It’s around this time of year that the bottom line on Houston utility bills tends to begin to grow larger once again. Power and water consumption can’t help but rise as we bid farewell to Houston’s mild springtime conditions. Gardens and lawns get thirsty now that the days are growing longer, and once deep summer heatwaves develop, household utility bills report what happens when air conditi...View More

Retirement Security and Insecurity — and Houston Real Estate

The title alone was slightly chilling. Houston readers didn’t have to be anywhere near senior discount age to furrow their brows if they happened to come across last week’s white paper, “Retirement Insecurity 2019.” Worse yet, there wasn’t much in the National Institute on Retirement Security’s 28-page manifesto to brighten their mood. Fortunately for Houston homeowners who are anyw...View More

New Homeowners Can Explore Household Landscaping Ideas

When your new Houston house is literally brand new, you are presented with the kind of ‘empty canvas’ landscaping scenario that true gardening enthusiasts dream about. (If you fall into that group, your head is probably already filled with possibilities—so never mind). On the other hand, if your new Houston residence is an existing home dotted with mature plantings, unless it’s already...View More

4710 Cashel Circle; Houston, TX 77069-For Rent-(832) 445-4957

NW Houston has been growing at record numbers. Rinnovare Realty, LLC has just completed a renovation project located in 4710 Cashel Circle; Houston, TX 77069. These apartments have no record of flooding and have been renovated with only the customer in mind. Look at these photos! These are just a few of the photos... We added storm drainage all around the property to help reduce the water dur...View More

Your Houston Real Estate Planning Can Pay Off Immediately!

Any Houston home sale, like everything else, tends to go better when preparation has been carefully thought out—and then acted upon. For homeowners who suspect that they will be selling sooner or later, there are some planning steps that can be taken long ahead of time. Some Houston real estate planning is the long-range variety. The first thing the canniest new homeowners do is to take a ...View More

Do Remodels Make Sense when Selling Your Houston Home?

The numbers are in! If you are among the local homeowners counting the days until Houston’s hot selling season begins, unless your house is already in perfect showing shape, you might be pondering which—if any—possible remodeling projects would be wise to take on before you list. The answers aren’t simple. The first consideration is the calculation for whether your property is like...View More

How Houston Architecture Differs from Malibu’s “The Case”

If you page through this month’s Houston listings, you’ll find a collection of homes that embody all kinds of structural styles. There is no single “Houston architecture”—although some homeowner associations are aimed at preserving a pleasantly homogeneous neighborhood look. Now, from out in Southern California, comes word of a small but impressive architecturally conscious project...View More

What House Size Should Houston House Hunters Aim For?

A few years ago, the Realtor® website weighed in with some ideas addressing a question that Houston house hunters face all the time: what house size should they be aiming for? I have one approach, but the team took another tack—posing five questions buyers should ask themselves. Here they are: 1. How long do you intend to live in the new house—and what will your family size ...View More

Houston Homeowner Improvements Need to Be Done Right

If Houston homeowners search the web for anything like “surprising things that decrease your home’s value,” they will be answered with literally millions of links. Some of the “surprises” are anything but. "An Outdated Bathroom,” for instance, is hardly surprising. Likewise, “Brightly-Colored Kitchen Cabinets” (especially if it’s accompanied by a picture of a blinding expanse...View More

Four Words Sum Up the Goal for Choosing Your Agent

When you boil down what most people are looking for when it comes to choosing their Houston agent, it’s usually an outcome that can be summed up by a simple 4-word phrase, “best price, least hassle.” It’s no different whether you’re buying or selling. For Houston home sellers, the best price, least hassle observation certainly holds—but it might not be the first thing that leaps...View More

Houston Home Sales Could Reflect National Turnaround

A couple of storylines have dominated national real estate news outlets for more than a year. Houston homeowners who are less industry-focused have been hearing the same thing from the national news media, too. Last week, they both staged a partial about-face. The storylines are interconnected. The dominant one dealt with the national trend toward a weakening in the number of homes being so...View More

The Best Houston Real Estate Agents Help Minimize Headaches

The topic of preventive maintenance seems particularly timely, given last week’s record-breaking polar vortex and the many tales of household plumbing disasters it spawned. The best Houston real estate agents do more than just represent their selling clients in the marketing, negotiation, and documentation of their homes’ sale—they also roll up their sleeves to make the entire process l...View More

Buying Your Houston Home without Credit Confusion

“It can be kind of confusing.” - Tom Quinn, V.P Business Development for myFICO in “The Scores That Matter in Mortgage Lending.” Unless you’re a buyer who falls into the all-cash category, once you begin to zero in on buying your next Houston home, you will already have been paying close attention to your bill-paying reputation. You will probably have requested one or more of the fr...View More

Buyer’s Market or Not, It’s Still All about YOU!

Houston ears that were attuned to some of the nation’s commentators might have heard that last year’s gradual slowdown in residential sales might signal a dawning “buyer’s market.” That may be true or not, but as for its impact on your own home-buying plans, there are a couple of realities to bear in mind. First is that any shift from seller’s to buyer’s market is at best bare...View More

Will Friday’s Giddy Turnarounds Benefit Houston Real Estate?

Last week ended with a quadruple-barreled blast of good news that bolstered prospects for Houston real estate—an effect magnified by how unexpected all had been. When times are good, Houston real estate can’t help but benefit. That may seem to be so obvious that it doesn’t even need to be said, but a close cousin is arguably even more important: When people feel times are good, Houston ...View More

2019 Real Estate Predictions For Houston Texas

As Houston plunges fearlessly into the New Year, it’s the perfect time to present a roundup of the experts’ predictions for 2019 real estate. Last year’s national forecasts turned out to be more-or-less accurate for Houston real estate—probably because nothing very surprising happened. Throughout the year, despite several onslaughts by Mother Nature, the overall economy continued to bo...View More

4 Reasons for Heightened December Houston Home Sales

Normally, December is a ho-hum month for Houston home sales—and that could well be the case again. Across the nation, 2018’s lead-up has performed pretty much as expected. Home sales slowed as the number of home listings stayed in short supply and mortgage interest rates crept upward. So it would surprise no one if Houston home sales followed the national trend. But instead of a sleepy ...View More

Now is The Perfect Time for Home Improvement Projects

U.S. News and World Report may not be the primary source most homeowners turn to for Houston real estate news flashes, but this month they have brought up some relevant insights regarding home improvement projects. A week or so before Thanksgiving Day, they published an opinion piece urging homeowners to get off the sofa and “set yourself up for success” for coming home improvement initia...View More

Houston’s Future Home Values: Up, Down, or Sideways?

Last week Houston homeowners’ peace of mind would have been strengthened by some words that received wide circulation throughout the financial press. Their author was a gentleman whose opinions are as close to bankable as anyone currently on the scene. If there were such a thing as a Nobel Prize in real estate, this guy would own one—come to think of it, he DOES have a Nobel prize (for eco...View More

Experts on 2018: “Still a Sellers’ Market”

From the home sales analysts at Pulsenomics comes the latest findings on how home sellers are likely to fare if they decide to list their properties this autumn. Our Houston market is only one data point in national surveys like this one—but Pulsenomics has a history of accurately zeroing in on the direction of real estate activity. For Houston homeowners who are exploring selling their hous...View More

Autumn Home Maintenance Ideas Prevent Costly Situations

Sure, spring cleaning is one thing. Houston homeowners find it easy to tackle major housekeeping chores they avoided during the winter weather months. When the sun is out and spring is in the air, somehow it’s just more inviting to freshen up the household. Autumn home maintenance chores may not beckon in the same way, but for conscientious Houston homeowners who take the time to attend t...View More

Will Rising Inflation Threaten Houston Real Estate Wealth?

It’s been quite a while since inflation was a subject that cropped up regularly in the news—yet it’s never ceased being a major factor affecting Houston real estate wealth. For younger Houston homeowners who have never experienced rampant inflation, if it starts to build steam, it can get the public’s attention in a hurry. Inflation is what happens when the value of money—what you...View More

Four Packing Basics Make Moving Less of a Drag

From your first thought that you might be selling your Houston house until the day you accept the offer, most of us avoid dwelling too long on one less-than-delightful consequence of a successful sale: the dreaded move! There may be rare individuals who see moving as a valuable opportunity to improve their household’s organization. That’s actually true, but hard to bear in mind as you thi...View More

U.S. House Values Alignment Looks Good for Houston

When Houston house values—or even only the public’s perception of house values—rise and fall at eye-popping rates, even homeowners who aren’t thinking of selling find it unsettling. The dislocations that resulted from the housing crisis of the last decade are hard to forget. Although some risk-tolerant investors made headway in that environment, the fallout for most was at best nerve-w...View More

What Three Questions Help You Size Up a New Neighborhood?

  When your next home is going to be in an unfamiliar town—whether in Houston or somewhere else— learning as much as you can about your choice of neighborhoods is a practical starting point. It won’t be long before you’ll find yourself immersed in finding the perfect house—but it can’t be perfect if iy winds up being in a neighborhood that’s a poor fit for your family. Y...View More

10 Showing Reactions Houston Realtors Never Want to Hear

Like most experienced Houston Realtors®, I look forward to showings. Accompanying a well-qualified prospective buyer on the first visit to what may become their future home can be the high point of the day. My job is to supply answers as questions arise, to keep track of points that merit further research, and to provide a helpful, professional presence that results in a pleasant and productive...View More

Houston Home Sales Prep Starts with Grunge Eliminator

If you’ve been living in your Houston home for more than a few years, you know that there are some corners that don’t get regular cleaning attention because they’re (let’s be honest) too grungy to deal with. They’re beyond the scope of what anybody wants to face as a regular housekeeping chore. If you’re beginning to consider listing your Houston place, you know you’ll have to g...View More

Today’s Houston House Hunting—It’s Something Else!

Everyone still calls active would-be Houston home buyers “house hunters.” The term hasn’t changed; the goal hasn’t either—but today the activity it conjures up is very different from that it did just a short while ago. For instance, for Houston house hunters whose last hunt was in, say,1990, their memory of “house hunting” is probably that of thumbing through stacks of black-and...View More

Houston Home Prices and an Iffy Proposition

Last week’s Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” headline “Why Home Prices Have Nowhere to Go But Up” may have guaranteed attention—but at the cost of advancing a pretty iffy notion. Then again, if you have been window shopping (or is it “screen shopping”?) through the Houston listings anytime recently, the idea could well have seemed less preposterous than usual. Of ...View More

Selling Your House in Houston for More Than It is Worth

In my capacity as Houston real estate information-gatherer, I really couldn’t pass up last week’s, “How to Sell Your House for More than It’s Worth.” I know; I know: that’s the kind of web clickbait we’ve all learned to avoid—like popups announcing “New Law Cuts Houston Residents’ Tax Bill in Half!” or “Secret Diet Miracle Food Celebrities Won’t Tell You About.” By...View More

Houston Living: Five Signs Your Kitchen is Due for an Upgrade

Every Houston REALTOR® has heard this observation from a selling client more than once: “Now that I’ve fixed the place up, it’s so nice to live here!” It’s sometimes followed by a wistful, “I should have done it years ago!” They don’t need to add, “so we could have enjoyed it ourselves.” The culprit has to be human nature—at least the part that resists spending money im...View More

Selling Your Houston House: 6 Emergency Showing Tips 6 Showing Emergency Tips for Selling Your Houston House Selling Your Houston House Under the Gun

Once you have determined that it’s time to begin the process of selling your Houston house, it won’t take long to uncover the number of small details that inevitably need attention. These are the kind of minor imperfections everybody learns to live with—things like kitchen cupboard hinges that squeal; toilet handles that need to be jiggled before the water stops running; fluorescent tubes th...View More

Solar Power Effects on Home Value

One question home owners need to ask themselves: will adding solar panels increase my home's value? Many people in the Houston area are adding solar panels to their home as an added value. If you are a home owner in Texas and you are looking to save money on electricity… maybe solar panels are the way to go. Texas has a lot of sun to offer.. but can it offer you more money for your home. An i...View More

Sellers Beware: Why Hiring a Real Estate Agent is a Smart Move

I know that seller your home is stressful and at the same time very important. As a home owner, you adore your home, it only makes sense that you want to get the best price possible. I get it… no one can appreciate the sentimental value and the years you spent in your home. Those birthdays, those special family moments, and all those cozy warm nights. Unfortunately, we have no way to place a pri...View More

Buying a Home with Minimal Foundation Issues: What You Should Do

Buying a house in Houston Texas can be challenging and overwhelming. You have many things you should be informed about. Rinnovare Realty recommends that your first and most important thing to look for are foundation issues. If you are not buying a newly built home in Houston we highly recommend you get an inspection completed. A good inspection will minimize your risk of buying a home with probl...View More

Improving Your Landscaping & Sell Your Home Faster

We all know that beautiful curb appeal is an eye catcher. Who doesn’t envy a beautiful yard. Well did you know that by upgrading your landscaping you can sell your home faster? Preparing to sell your home is a big undertaking. Between finding a real estate agent, making necessary repairs and staging your home, there’s a lot of work involved. It’s hard to tell which part of selling is most...View More

Houston Real Estate Market Outlook

Houston’s real estate market has had its ups and downs; However new construction building, including apartment buildings and highrise buildings, have increased from 2014 to 2016. More single-family homes will be constructed in 2017, but at a gradual rate, reported economists at the recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show. The NAHB expects single-fa...View More

Can a Seller Refuse to Allow Property Inspections?

The answer is NO... if you use a One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale), the seller cannot refuse making the property available for inspections. There is a statement that says the seller has to give the buyer or the buyer's agent access to the property at a reasonable time and allow it to be inspected if the buyer wishes. Refusal could result in your seller being in default unless that s...View More

Design the Backyard of Your Dreams

Making the home of your dreams requires a dreamy backyard. The front of your home may be the showpiece of your landscape, but the back yard is where the entertaining happens. It is all your own, a sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining, and play.  First, ask yourself some basic questions. What do you want out of your yard – a playground for the kids, cozy retreat, or an entertaining patio? S...View More

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Most homebuyers start the process anxious, excited, nervous, and some are downright terrified. It’s natural. A home is the largest and most expensive purchase that most people will make in a lifetime. It can either turn out to be a complete financial disaster or a smart long-term investment. The person standing between it being a huge financial mistake or a valuable asset is you, the agent. S...View More

Signs that Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

There are many reasons why it may be time to sell your home. You may need more space to make room for a growing family or you need to downsize after your kids leave the nest. Whatever your motivations, you want to make sure that you’re timing it right. If you sell when home prices are plummeting, you may end up losing on the deal. If you sell when home prices are highest, there may not be a l...View More

Remodeling Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

There are two ways to think about remodeling projects that will boost your home’s value; you can get one or two major remodels done or opt for a bunch of small fixes. Depending on your budget and your timetable, one approach may be better for you than the other. For instance, if you have an unfinished basement, maybe your dream when you first moved into your home was to refinish it. It ne...View More

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