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The Essence of Summer in Houston: Now Beyond Question

Summer finally becomes a reality on Tuesday—as opposed to Memorial Day weekend, which eager beavers in the media like to pretend was the kickoff to summer. Realists don’t agree—they believe that falling for the “unofficial start of summer” line means giving in to one of those unsavory impulses Mother warned us about (like shaking hidden birthday presents to guess what we’re going to get, or eating cookie dough raw). Grownups learn to be patient, to wait our turn, take a number at the deli line, etc.
But Tuesday’s arrival of true summer does raise the philosophical question, “What really makes summer summer?” This isn’t some abstract mystical speculation now that research has clarified what really makes summer summer. Science has been at work, polls have been taken, and the numbers don’t lie.
The essence of summer in the U.S. (and through personal observation, right here in Houston, too) has now been confirmed: it’s barbecuing.
Forbes magazine sent their investigative reporters out to get the goods on “the current state of barbecuing.” Their findings are unequivocal:
• 75% of adults own a grill or smoker.
• Nearly a third plan to grill “with greater frequency this year.”
• The five most popular days to barbecue are overwhelmingly summerish, in this order: The 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and (the outlier exception that proves the rule) Mother’s Day.
• Top 3 reasons why everyone barbecues: 1) To improve flavor; 2) For personal enjoyment; 3) To entertain family and friends.
Less conclusive is what makes summer truly summer for Houston real estate, but the leading reason is weather-related: it’s because showings will be at their climatological finest. Gardens flourish, and the long daylight hours guarantee that even late afternoon showings are light and bright—the polar opposite of what makes winter winter for real estate (which sometimes boils down to opening draperies and turning on every light in the house.
This summer, here’s hoping your barbecuing results in all three ‘reasons why’ it indisputably defines the season (and if yours is a real estate summer, that it begins with a call to Rinnovare Realty, LLC (832) 445-4957 or visit us at!)

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